Synod Listening Results: The Answers most given to questions. Along with some other opinions shared (listed secondly). 

The Synod Process went from the parish level (Nov.-Feb.) to the regional grouping of parish synod reps. That regional meeting of ours was scheduled for March 12 in Derwood. 

The tally below was used for our regional report and sharing, and the fuller report was sent to the Archdiocese synod office a couple of weeks ago.

We had 100 responders to the synod question surveys tallied for Resurrection and Riderwood participants (reports from people coming to our appointment times, council interviews, and some impromptu interviews at church/chapel to get to 100 people). We had either couples or individuals respond—not groups—and it gave for ample time, attention and privacy to their shared opinions. 

We list the answers that were most shared by people. Thus, 15x will mean that 15 persons had that similar answer to one another. It means it was a popular answer of the survey.

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