Consecration to Saint Joseph

Parishioners are invited to purchase a $15 booklet that is filled with much insight about St. Joseph,  designed to encourage the faithful to do a Consecration to St. Joseph.
The book is entitled Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of our Spiritual Father, by Fr. Donald Calloway with Miriam Press. (Stockbridge, MA). It is available at the National Shrine bookstore and online.
The parish has ordered a carton to make it easy for folks who don’t order online or can’t drive to the Shrine. Contact Kathy in the office to reserve your copy.
The 2019 book gives the reader 33 chapters to read and pray with St. Joseph. See the chart to know when you should start.

When should you start a 33 day consecration to Saint Joseph?  Click here to see a chart

Use the YouTube videos found on this page to complete your Consecration to St. Joseph.