It’s October and we’re heading onto November. One common delight for many of us in this season is the food. What has your attention? The traditional turkey? With cranberry sauce added?
Maryland’s Fried Oysters or Rockfish seafood? Pumpkin Pie? Cider or caramel apples? Halloween candy corn? (‘Really? You like that candy corn?!

 Well, someone must! There is a hoard of it around!) Then there are the soups, hot cereals, and hot drinks that go with the chill in the air! One cold beer addition to the season, seen just this week in a Burtonsville store, is a Hershey’s Chocolate Porter, parked besides some Octoberfest beers. ‘Nice. It’s a neat time for food and drink, but we show our gratitude to God for all of it as we also reach out to those w

ho do not have so much–even as we gather donations for our regular parish food pantry and for Thanksgiving baskets. Check our bulletin notices about it…  

 Tommy, I have a whole lot of people  following me online,  and it seems, coincidentally, that they each want me to come over early to their place on Thanksgiving. ‘Whatcha make of that?That’s odd, for it’s happened to me, too—with them each wanting me to arrive over real early for dinner on November 24th—That’s odd, don’tcha think?!                                                  

How is everyone doing? How’s your health and well-being? And, did we mostly keep together in this recent pandemic sweep? As pastor, I did miss the folks who had to take a break from here—but we (me and the staff) were saving a pew spot/row for you. About two-thirds of the parish are back—but not all people yet. I hope it’s not because some have got into a stay-at-home/watch on tv habit or a thing like that. The Sacred Liturgy is best experienced in person for most. Listen to the Lord for what He is asking for you to do now. He is Lord of the Feast, of Him as the Sacrament. A family of faith under Him should heed Hebrews 10: 24-25: “We must consider how to rouse one another to love and good works. We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another, and this all the more as you see The Day drawing near(er).”         So here is a two-sided, one page succinct letter along with a Spiritual Sheet and your All Souls envelope, and my Autumn greeting to you.  Fr. Barry PS

In-Resident Priest.Hurrah. Fr. Anthoni Jeorge is now serving us daily. 

 Coming Up:
All Saints Masses, Tuesday November 1st
Resurrection: 9:00 am and 7:30 pm
Riderwood: 4:00 pm

All Souls Masses, Wednesday, November 2nd
Resurrection: 9:am and 7:30 pm
Riderwood: 10 a.m.(Arbor Ridge) 3:00 pm. (Chapel), with Confessions at 2:00 pm 

1st Church Mass Anniversary on Nov. 12th, 4:00 pm. with founding pastor Msgr. MacFarlane. It’s a Mass and a Hall Social. We now try to annually celebrate our church beginnings, from our 1st upper church Mass in ‘89.

On Oct. 21st we mailed this Pastor’s Letter and All Souls envelopes to registered households. If you want to get an All Souls envelope, they are also available at the parish and Riderwood office—and at the weekend Masses—from the sacristan.  Write the intended names of your loved ones onto an All Soul’s envelope and you also may enclosed more on a sheet that you add into the envelope. Return the envelopes (or self-made ones) ASAP in the mail, or to any collection, or to an office staff person or clergy. Cash preferred.  With these intentions –we place them on the Resurrection church altar and Hall altar and Riderwood altar and Parish Rectory altar (copies) so that all the names are prayed for in a daily November Mass by one of our clergy. Concelebrated Masses may have an individual intention added sometimes, but one of our priests prays for All Souls in a dedicated Mass from November 1 until November 30. 

Parish Record Updates.   We need to know your current email addresses, phone numbers and postal address. We need to see who is with us or who is not. Or where you are now. We need to know who has been added in residences or who has moved out (example: adult children).  It is Updating Time. Mail it to us or email here. Thanks. We also announce 60 new families here in ‘22. 

Concert Series! See parish website for our Sunday ones coming ahead on Nov. 6, Nov. 15 & Dec. 18. It is the Eric Boyd Trio Jazz and Voix de Femmes and the Candlelight Christmas concert.

Friday Confessions/Adoration continues, too…. see our bulletin. 

9:00 am Sunday Mass continues for families or folks liking Contemporary Christian music in liturgy, a relaxed atmosphere and coffee/donuts weekly.  In relation to it: We’re running our Religious Ed. program on Mondays for children and youth. Pre-K kids Moms group on Wednesdays. Join in now. 

The Parish 2nd Collection on the 1st Sunday. We are now collecting for the Future Big Projects and the Ongoing Maintenance in one offering on First Sundays as the only 2nd Collection of the month. We had been using two envelopes and two collections beforehand, in 2023 and starting now it’s combined as one, for simplicity and a lump sum gift.  The first Sunday and vigil of the month is our lone 2nd collection.

To read Fr. Barry’s complete letter, please click here.

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