One thought on “Day to Day with St. Joseph, Monday, August 30

  1. As I listened to your Comments today about the importance of Fathers for Boys and the criticality of that presence in a boy’s life and the giftedness to the boy in his growth as a Full person; I was praying for those children who have not had the presence of a Father (Both male and female) and the emptiness left when that dimension of Growth has not happened or has been skewed in ways that are not so much an aid to the childs growth but rather a hindrance
    to their development as a whole person. So I was lead to pray for those who were denied the
    life giving presence of a father- or had one who was not able to gift the child with what he or she needed to become whole themselves. Perhaps because the father had been wounded himself.
    Many of us are in need of healing because of that. Where can one seek healing form such wounds?

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