In my prior blog I mentioned Christmas bells, and I tied in our own bells sounding forth here to the outside community.

The area is used to hourly and half hourly bells from our tower daily, morning to night. Our call to start of Mass bells ring out regularly, as well.

Each of the Christmas masses had start of Mass bells in the bell tower, though we didn’t have midnight or dawn bells on Dec. 25. I mentioned that we don’t toll bells here much, at like at funerals–but I am pondering doing that with our funeral team I once I learn the programming better. It’s on a system.

All the Masses have start of Mass bells. It is a regular sound to the community outside or to us gathering anew inside.

Many churches have a bell that is near the back pew that is rung for Mass, too. We don’t have it here but I would like to add it. (All my other parishes had one.) It is used especially for daily Mass or non-musical Masses, one is meant to be rung to start the procession. (Musical masses have the opening song instead– though a bell can be rung.) Currentlt, an antiphon or a call to stand for a St. Michael prayer gets us going at Resurrection.

I want to write in appreciation of the other bell sounds that are heard in our church in the sacred liturgy. We have a beautiful Bell Choir and they play in various masses and I especially liked our Christmas 7 PM vigil that featured those musicians in their music. This is the first parish I have been at that had a bell choir and I am delighted with having them here.

In pre-pandemic times we were using the consecration chimes at Mass when there was a server. Now we want to get back to those chimes. We have a volunteer for a regular Sunday Mass slot and Daily Mass a lot, but I want to open it to all Masses for volunteers or have the Crossbearer do it. We are getting volunteers for the Cross processions. They are adults. Our altar serving teams have not kept up but there are limited children available for it. So I invite adults to do it.

However, at the 9 am Sunday Mass we have the present practice of all children ringing small bells to chime in the miraculous Eucharist moments of Mass. I have taught them why we highlight the focus of Mass at that point of Mass, so they know it’s important and respectful to do.

The sound of holy bells is alive at our parish and it contributes to our faith that uses all the senses in her practice.

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