We have commented on the wise variety of Catholic people that worship with us in the pews. It is really a Cornucopia of Catholics at our Masses at Resurrection. Lately we have seen a variety of PRIESTS in the sanctuary. 11 African priests attended a memorial last Saturday for a parishioner’s mom memorial. Also, on three Saturdays in June we had a India-born priest preside it. Also, on two consecutive Sunday 1230 Masses we have a priest from Malawi praying Mass with us. Also, In a funeral this month of a past parish member, we have a guest bishop of Bangladesh leading it. Also, in a couple of weeks I welcome a Hispanic priest at Resurrection from Peru. Plus, In one of each weekend’s masses since March we have had a Nigerian priest (our in resident Fr. Pius Michael, OP). Before that, we were blessed to have a Chinese priest do about 10 masses for us, on loan to us from the Paulists. Then also, we have a Black American priest returning to do a wedding soon here, and he was recently here for another liturgy. He is of Cameroon background.
Some of these above mentioned have stayed in the rectory. Of course, we are blessed each week to have on our staff the Nigerian born Fr. Virginus, who does 4 masses a week for us as well as He staffs Riderwood and covers for me here for my Thursday off-day or vacation days.
To add the Caucasian mix to the clergy, now, we have Fathers DeSiano, Beal and myself and Deacon Bieberich helping the parish regularly.

My point is that we feature a Crayola array of colors and types in the liturgies at our parish. Isn’t that nice? De Colores, friends!

Fr. J. Barry


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