Candidates participated in the Rite of Enrollment ceremony on December 4th at the Religious Education Program Communion Service. The Rite of Enrollment ceremony marks the “journey of faith” for children and their parents, who are in the sacramental formation process. It is a sign to the larger community that all of us have a role in the formation of anyone in the parish. Likewise, it shows children and their families that they are part of the larger faith community. The members of the parish community provide prayer and support which is needed for the children, their families, and their catechist throughout the formation period.

We ask that you keep in your prayers the 2021 Confirmation Candi- dates, and also that you select one Confirmation Candidate from the names below and make a personal commitment to pray for him or her weekly until April 24, 2021 when, if prepared, they are to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Ean Ayuk
Sophia Bartley
Stephen Brown
Annie Rose Daigle
Ariana Escarne
Ameila Goglia
Carly Graham
Nichole Hardy
Isabella Hildreth
Divine Kome
Wilmont Lasite-Luke
Alyssa Mausser
Martin Muhindi
Justine Natingor
Gil Ndofor
Gregory Rego
Cynthia Scipio
Aurelaine Tchamdja
Johnathan Tchamdja
Ashley Tomas
Sophie Wisniewski Elizanna Zuniga

Congratulations! Come Holy Spirit Embrace Them!

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