Msgr. Pennington 9808 had their 2022 – 2023 Fraternal year officer installation this  past Saturday evening (7/23). Congratulations to the new officers of the Msgr. John R. Pennington Council 9808!
Thank you for serving.

The members in the photo are, beginning in front left:
Greg Lawrence – Treasurer
Reggie Stuart – Inside Guard
Patrick Uduebor – Warden
Jean-Claude Amisial – Three Year Trustee
Romuald Dallo – Deputy Grand Knight
Ron HopkinsGrand Knight
Chrys Bandon-Bibum – Recorder
Scott Ford – Two Year Trustee
Joe Gredlics – Advocate
Dionysius Correya – Member
Richard Ochai – Chancellor
Father John Barry – Chaplain
Jimmy Williams – District Deputy for District 10
Basil Allison – One Year Trustee
Not Pictured – William Ratcliffe, Financial Secretary; Gregory Wirba, Outside Guard
Duncan Kuffar – Lecturer

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