Fr. Frank DeSiano, born in New York City, was ordained as a Paulist priest in 1972. He has served as pastor in downtown New York and Chicago. In 1990, he earned a D. Min from Boston University, completing his dissertation on “Parish Based Evangelization”. He served as consultor for the US Bishop’ Committee on Evangelization for over a dozen years. He has written numerous books on spiritually, discipleship and evangelization, and is frequently published in periodicals like The Priest, Catechetical Leader, and DeaconDigest. In 1994 he was elected President of the Paulist Fathers. He presently lives in Washington, DC where he is president of the Paulist Evangelization Ministries. He travels widely, conducting parish renewals  (missions), presenting to Catholic clergy at convocations and retreats, and discussing the relationship of evangelization and catechesis. His latest book will be published by Paulist Press: “Discipleship for the Future: Spiritually of the Kingdom.” He recently published “Catholic Discipleship: Spiritual Exercises and Reflections.” and Beyond the Pews: from Parishioners to Disciples,” both at He has been working on several pastoral tools: Pathways in Faith (RCIA and Adult Faith Formation), and The Catholic Discipleship Profile. He also serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal for Catechesis and Evangelization.
Resurrection Pastor and founder,  Fr. Jack McFarlane, invited him in 1990 to celebrate Masses. He was the President of the Paulists and pastor in Chicago.
Parishioners enjoy his  down to earth and thoughtful homilies. Priests like Fr. Frank are hard to find!

One thought on “Happy 50th Anniversary, Fr. Frank DeSiano!

  1. cngrats on your 50th frank. your getting better with age like afine wine. keep up the great himily notes that i look at each week. blessings

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