We welcomed five persons into the fullness of the Catholic Faith thus far in Easter. It is Reggie and Monique (with Baptist, Eucharist, and Confirmation) and Sean, Xrisjay, and Lovely (into Confirmation).






Book of the Gospels

They were all specially prepared for the Holy Rites, as two were non-speaking English, and all had to meet on separate times over the past few months for classes and online formation. They each learned the importance of being formed in The Faith.

How about you? Are you doing continuing education in The Faith? We have the parish program FORMED for you to find many offerings to build up your Catholic life.  Click here to enter your email and then enter your registration as a member of Resurrection Parish Burtonsville. Then open up the site to its many choices. Perhaps you can start with Formed Live: Jesus’ Resurrection. It’s a 30 minute program. Then, go look at Easter in Art (pt. 2)(pt.3) for a couple of 20 minutes shows. If you have children at home, then go to the animation He is Risen! for a good-spent half-hour. For a longer watch, go to the movie section and watch the episodes on St. Paul.

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