On September 1st, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced a temporary eviction moratorium to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Landlords and property owners are prohibited from evicting certain tenants impacted by COVID-19, or face high monetary fines. Tenants may use the attached form to communicate with their landlords in preventing evictions.

The Fair Housing Action Center of Maryland published key points on the eviction moratorium.

Tenants can still be evicted for other issues that don’t include nonpayment of rent.
All adults listed on the lease must sign, in order to be protected under the moratorium.
You must sign a declaration that states, among other things, that your circumstances were related to COVID, and be able to prove that if the need arises;
You must declare that you have sought all available funding sources to pay your back rent, including government assistance;
You must declare that you earn less than $99,000 annually (or $198,000 if you file taxes jointly with someone else), and;
You must declare that you would become homeless if you were evicted, and have no alternative housing available to you.
This moratorium expires December 31, 2020 unless amended.

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