2021 Confirmation Candidates attended their retreat at Resurrection. A wonderful 4-hour Covid-19 safe day filled with opportunities to pray, be together and be filled with the Holy Spirit. They received a rosary, learned and prayed a decade of the rosary with Seminarian Milano and Sacramental Catechist Paul Korycinski, prayed the Stations of the Cross with Deacon Bieberich, went to confession with Fr. Niba or Fr Osawagu, made thank you cards to their sponsors, got measured for their confirmation robes, listened to Fr. Barry’s presentation of Confirmation symbols, which was accompanied by his guitar music, heard a witness talk from Deacon Whitney and Young Adult Meghan Hildreth. Both emphasize the importance of prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life and closed the day with a Mass celebrated with Fr. Osawagu.
A special thank you to parent volunteers, Lisa Mausser, David Stever, Marilu Tomas, Sheryl Wisniewski, and Young Adult Cassidy Stever for assisting Helene Stever, DRE, with the retreat. Candidates will be confirmed by Bishop Roy Campbell on April 24.

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