Please be aware that there is a malicious email/scam circulating that uses religious leaders as a ploy to scam you.  Fr. Barry’s name is being used in one of them.    There are variations of this scam, but most of them are asking for a “favor”, or asking you to purchase gift cards or asking you to send money.
Here are a few tips to identify these kind of scams:

  • Fr. Barry would  never ask you for money or gift cards in an email.
  • Do not respond to a request for a “favor” that does not describe what the favor is.
  • Do not respond to any email that is too vague or generic.
  • Do not respond to email that has malformed or unusual email addresses. Fr Barry’s email address will end with He will use this address to send individual emails. Parish wide emails will come from Kathy Ford’s email address (also ending with
  • Do not click on any links without having confidence that the email has fully described who they are, and what the link is for.
  • If you are not confident you know the sender and the purpose of the email, disregard it.

You may also find information on the i-tunes gift card scam here