Haiti Mission

Poulaye drilling
Poulaye drilling

Until several years ago, Resurrection had been maintaining a relationship with a parish and religious order in Gros Morne, Haiti for nearly 20 years.  Over that time, our parish had been responsible for building a number of churches, building several schools, establishing potable water systems, establishing an egg production facility, establishing an animal husbandry (goat production) project, conducting medical missions and assisting in a variety of other ways. About five years ago, our Haiti efforts were put on hold due a change in parish administration at Resurrection.  Our current pastor, Fr. Barry, has decided that he would like to “resurrect” our relationship with Haiti.

RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS – Last year following announcement of Fr. Barry’s appointment as our new pastor, Resurrection was able to use preserved funds that had been previously donated by parishioners for use in Haiti to complete several of the initiatives that had been committed to.  We completed drilling of two new wells at the Poulaye (egg production facility), a new well in the village of Campeche, and a new well at the village of Kayamit (the site of a previous goat animal husbandry project). We paid for repairs to the Poulaye hen facility resulting from damage sustained during an earthquake in October of 2018, and we purchased a grain mill and mixer to allow chicken feed to be manufactured from local crop production rather than using imported feed.

Kayamit well

HENS FOR HAITI – A parishioner who grew up in Resurrection, Christie Newman, has established a nonprofit called Hens for Haiti (H4H) (www.hensforhaiti.org) following her graduation in agriculture from Virginia Tech and her internship for a year in Gros Morne. Aside from the Poulaye in Gros Morne, H4H is actively establishing egg production facilities and training Haitians in running these businesses in a sustainable manner.  Over 10 egg production facilities are now operational throughout Haiti as a result of these efforts, providing high quality food protein to the local community while providing jobs to Haitian families, and more are scheduled to come online this year.

Campeche well

HAITI WATER – Another Resurrection parishioner, Larry Newman, has continued his involvement in Haiti through cooperation with regional Archdiocese of Washington parishes and as the president of Haiti Water (http://haitiwater.org).  Larry has continued to travel to Haiti 2-3 times a year in support of both of these initiatives as well as other activities Haiti Water provides drills and provides local Haitians with the skills necessary to drill for water and develop wells to assure a reliable potable water supply for small communities.  Availability of potable water is key to eliminating waterborne intestinal diseases and assuring optimal health to the local community.

Food and Water – what could be more fundamental to health and well being? Resurrection would like to support these ongoing efforts to allow Haitians throughout the country to gain access to these fundamental life sustaining needs.
Can you help? – If you are interested in helping, please consider participating in our renewed efforts to maintain this Social Justice initiative within our parish through our annual collection.  Your support would be most appreciated, and your involvement in our Haiti committee would be very welcomed