Votive Candles

  • Many of you are used to lighting a candle to your personal intention(s). Due to the pandemic, this practice has not been possible. However, members of our staff are willing to help light a candle for you! Our candles are large and burn for three days.
  • Please fill out any intention for which you would like the priests and/or staff to light a candle for you. One intention per candle, please; use the + button to add a line. The candles will be lit as soon as new candles are available.
  • We suggest a donation of $3.00 to $5.00 per candle. Please indicate the amount you wish to donate per candle. You may use a credit card or send a check to the office, indicating that your donation is for votive candles.
  • Please limit your selections to four candles maximum at a time.
  • $0.00

If you prefer to mail your request to the office, click here to download this form, fill it out and return it to the office. Thank you.