New Procedures for Masses in Church

The parish staff and the Mgsr. John Pennington Knights of Columbus Council will be assisting with ushering and cleaning between Masses for an unknown amount of weekends. We understand that the new procedures will take some getting used to for everyone, but as Catholics, with our faith and love for God, let us be the ones to lead the example of how to navigate these challenges and uncertain times with grace, trust, faith, and above all, love for each other and ourselves. We are excited and cannot wait to celebrate Mass with each of you!

Remember, Archbishop Gregory has suspended the obligation to attend Mass. So, if you are ill or live with someone who has been ill or has an underlying condition, we strongly request that you consider staying home and continue watching Mass at Resurrection online.

  • Mass times will be 4:00 pm (Saturday) and on Sunday at 7:30 am, 10:00am, and 12:30 pm. Doors will open 30 minutes prior to Mass and parishioners will be ushered to their seats in order to fulfill social distancing. Cleaning will take place after each Mass. Masses and homilies will be shorter in order to have time between to clean the church.
  • Everyone over the age of three must wear a mask the entire time they are in the church or in the hall. Everyone must hand sanitize their hands upon entering the building. If you have your own, we ask that you please bring it with you to use. However, the parish will provide as needed. Please respect the six-feet physical distancing norm.
  • In the church and in the hall, there will be sections for families of three members or more. Pews (chairs in the hall) will be filled from front to back. It will be opposite upon exiting, as ushers will dismiss pews/chairs from the back to the front.
  • Hymnals will not be available for use. The parish council asked that there would be NO Congregational singing. A sheet with the text of the prayers is available for download here.
  • There will be no paper copies of the weekly bulletin. You may get it online via the Resurrection website.
  • There will be a donation basket by the entry way of the church and the hall for your weekly contributions. You may also continue (and we actually encourage) to donate via the Resurrection website; electronically, or even mail it to the parish.
  • There will be no access to the Tabernacle but we invite you to visit our Tabernacle window on the side of the church, via the Greencastle Road entrance. There will be no Holy Water fountain or bottle to take any Holy Water home. There will be no votive candles.The water fountain is not to be used. Restrooms are only to be used in an emergency.
  • There will be no Rite of Peace or hands held for the Lord’s Prayer. There will be no socializing in the Commons before or after Mass. We ask that once seated, unless it is an emergency or Communion, that you please stay in your seat and continue to wear your masks.

Confessions and Adoration will continue in the parking lot (until further notice) every Friday from 4:30 to 7:30 pm.

New Communion Procedure

  1. Come, with mask on, to the next six foot line. (You may bow now.)
  2. Walk to the station at your turn, and the minister will say: “The Body Of Christ.” With mask still on, reply “Amen.”
  3. Come to the table which is set between you and the Clergy/Communion minister.
  4. Come with your left palm up right over the table. Keep your hand still and place your right hand below the left hand. Communion will be placed on your left palm and the minister will not touch your hand.
  5. Take a step or two away. Use your  right hand to take the Host with your fingers. Now lift your mask, so you can place the Host in your mouth.
  6. Place mask fully back on, then return to your seat. (the Sign of the Cross may be done after receiving the Host.)
  7. For now at Mass, we won’t use any kneelers, but make your thanksgiving act of prayer at your seat at your return. (there my be music during Communion time. If so, then it is to enhance a thanksgiving spirit and a faith in the Real Presence Encounter. If no music, then you still are to privately pray in thanks to Our Lord as The Bread of Life in our midst.)