Parish News

The First Sunday of Lent: The Temptation of ChristIn the dramatic production of a growing faith: Jesus is the star actor, God is the author & producer, and all of us are the supporting cast. The audience is the world around us, listening to hear what God has to say and watching how we respond to His word. Lent is a sharing experience. We share who we are and God shares who He is. Faith grows, as we come to know God. None of us, of course, can comprehend the totality of God’s providence, but in Jesus Christ, God reveals what is needed for our faith and life.

God wants to be known and it is possible for us to experience God’s presence. We all have an inner longing and an awareness of the truths of God’s creative plan for us as people made in His image. This awareness and longing has been put into words at different times throughout human history. Hebrew scripture does this in the Ten Commandments, and in the words of the prophets. Jesus gave us the words of parables, and the Sermon on the Mount. God shared himself most fully in the person of Jesus, who he was and how he responded to those around him. In all these we have God, sharing with us and becoming known to us.

What do we discover about God and life in this self-revelation? First of all, our God-given life does have meaning. Life has a purpose, and we are a part of that. Just as Jesus brought home to an oppressed and disheartened people, we can provide new vision that enriches our world’s inner being.

God is love and we are called to love. God is unqualified truth and each of us is called to be perfectly honest and transparent in our words and actions. God set our lives in order and values every part of that order and life. Like God, we should accept and value everyone. God was present to us in Jesus and we should truly be present to one another in love and caring. God’s fullness is revealed in us and can be seen by others through us.