You may have your contributions to the parish automatically transferred from your checking account. Your contributions will continue even if you are away for a week or two. You can have once a month or twice a month deductions.  If you would like to have your donations automatically transferred from your checking account each month, there is an Electronic Giving Form that you can fill out and send in to make that happen. Please attach a voided check and return to the office.

Reflection on Offertory Letter and Commitment form.

Why Use Envelopes?
Every week, the parish office receives requests from parishioners who need a letter stating that they are members of this parish and they attend regularly.  

They ask for these letters in order to:

1.  Have their child attend a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Washington

2.  Be a godparent at Baptism

3.  Be a sponsor at Confirmation

4.  Have their child baptized at a different parish

5.  Other reasons including making your offertory donation with cash

We've even had to send a letter to another diocese so that a person could be buried in a Catholic cemetery. If you have forgotten the envelopes that we send every two months, then there are blank envelopes in the Commons area for you to use. 

Church of the Resurrection's Annual Report and Budget
Fiscal Year 2013-2014